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Here’s a special Squirtle index art card I made for KatUsedCharm, done with crayons and colored pencils! I don’t do much traditional art nowadays, but it’s always so fun to go back to! I’m no pro, but I figured I’d do a little step-by-step walk-through of my process for those that are interested in how I do traditional media. :>


1. Make a light pencil sketch of your drawing, then go over it with your inking pen of choice. I usually prefer to use Microns, but I couldn’t find them in time for this particular pic, so I ended up using a cheap fine point Sharpie instead, oops. After you’ve inked it, let it rest a bit to fully dry to avoid smudging and smearing, then erase the pencil marks.

2. Coloring time! For this pic I used a combination of Crayola crayons and colored pencils. Select a few colors but try not to pick too many or it’ll just get really out of hand in the end! The way I get my colors to really pop is by applying my colors in layers, so I color the first layer very lightly, all in one direction. I leave some intentional white spots to add some dimension and shine.

3. With the same color, I go over it again, pressing a little harder and making my strokes in the opposite direction this time. This method is called “cross-hatching”.

4. More cross-hatching! I press even harder this time as I apply the shadows. This time I grabbed purple because it makes for a more interesting shadow in contrast to a darker blue. You can add some nice texturing in this way using cross-hatching. It’s my favorite traditional method!

5. I’m done with the blue areas now, so it’s time to move onto the rest! Repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve finished. I suggest only doing one color section at a time because otherwise I get too mixed up!

6. I added a background using the same steps again, as well as a few overall finishing touches. Though it’s optional, sometimes I have to go back over my inked lines because they’ll start to fade a bit. And after signing it, VOILA! My index card is finally done! *v*

This process is a little difficult for me to explain and it takes a bit of work, but hopefully it’ll give some insight as to how I color traditionally! I totally encourage others to try it out and make your own tweaks along the way, too! Just remember to have fun!

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