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Here’s a bunch of art-related and anonymous questions I’ve answered right here. But if I didn’t answer your question here, don’t worry! I’m going to try answering more questions in big batches like this in the future. It’s really long though, so thanks for reading!

stupid question, possibly. i’ve been dabbling in drawing for a couple of years, i bought a graphics tablet specifically for the purpose of learning to draw very well. while practise has helped, and i am much better than i was two years ago, i haven’t developed as much as i wish i had. i found your blog today, and have fell in love with your art. how did you get to be as proficient as you are?

   Wow gosh, thank you so much! And no, this is not a stupid question at all! It has taken me literally my entire life of drawing often to get to the current style that I have at the moment, and it will be forever changing, so don’t get frustrated if you’re finding that you aren’t currently where you’d like to be artistically (( because I sure as heck am not either )). Art is a really hard balance, especially if you’d like art to be more than simply a hobby, because you should have fun and draw things you like, but also never become so fully content with your art that you never try new things or else you’ll eventually stagnate. A good way to “speed up” the practicing process a bit is to draw every day as often as you possibly can! Draw many different things, and draw things that make you uncomfortable and you aren’t familiar with. Give yourself different drawing challenges often. Just draw, even if you don’t like the final result. Each and every single doodle and sketch and drawing that you do counts as a rung on the experience ladder of art and will help you get one step closer. Just never give up, no matter how hard it gets! >w<)9

Hello, I was curious about the texture you used on your Stitch drawing, was it one in Sai? I can’t seem to find a cool screen texture anywhere.

Do you have any tips for adding special coloring to a picture (like the color haftones and horizontal lines on dapper stitch)?

   For the glitch version of my dapper Stitch pic, I used this technique! It’s lengthy but easy to follow and makes a really cool effect~

The horizontal line texture is actually a custom PaperTex that I added from a texture pack I downloaded! I can’t remember where I got it from, sorry… ; ; But this is it right here:


As for tips, I love to play around with a billion different textures and settings before finally settling in on the final look. Who knows, you might end up finding that perfect look for your picture by complete and total accident just by playing around! :>

Sorry if you get asked this all the time, but how do you get your lines to be so smooth? I’m super jealous

   It’s totally cool! You should check out this post though. It talks about my method and also links to another similar post about how I do my lineart. I hope it helps! :D

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how do you paint your drawings, tell me your secrets

   Oh gosh, you know, I wish I even knew how myself, Anon. Every attempt I make at painting ends up being a completely different method and result. IT’S LIKE GRABBING A HANDFUL OF HALLOWEEN CANDY; I JUST DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M GONNA GET. Usually what happens though is I do one of two methods:

1) I either go into it knowing exactly what I’m going to do, and treat it just like a cel-shaded drawing by making a planned sketch, then filling the canvas with a single color, then picking a handful of other colors and blending them to get a bunch of new, but similar colors, and building onto it from there with many layers [ex:]

2) Or I go into it blindly with random blobs and loose shapes, and then I refine them until I have something that sort of resembles something, and refine it further after that until I have a completed painting [ex:]

I tend to rely more on method 1 because I’m not a very confident painter and chiseling and chipping away at random shapes is personally a LOT harder for me than building off a planned sketch, but there are many other methods to painting besides the two I’ve listed here!

  •  Anonymous asked you:

Hey CC. I have a question. Is it okay, in your opinion, to decline doing a commission for someone if you just don’t want to do it? I have someone that wants to buy a commission from me, which is never a problem, but the content they want me to draw is basically characters from a cartoon whose art I personally despise and really dislike drawing characters from. But since it’s not really a morality thing, just a this-is-ugly thing, how can I decline without sounding like a pretentious ass?

   Haha oh yes definitely! Personally, I would weigh the pros and cons of doing it first, like is it possible I can draw it in a way that I enjoy? Can I tolerate it long enough to finish drawing it? Or will the effort/payment for drawing it be worth it in the end? If you find that it isn’t and still don’t want to do it, I would just be honest, but polite about it. It’s totally okay to not like things or want to draw things for whatever reason, so I would just explain to the commissioner about why I’d rather not do it, and hopefully, chances are they will be more than understanding about it!

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which one of the pictures you have done is your all time favourite?


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holy shit there’s so many pretty pictures on this page how did they all get here, this is overwhelming


Hey C-C! As someone who wants to become an artist and really admires your style, I wanted to ask you if there are any books that helped you getting to the point where you are now. I’d be very grateful about any recommendations!


I only ever remember one single book, but I don’t remember if I ever even actually read it. But if there was one thing I remember liking about it, it was the title. It was something like “You Can Draw Anything.” It was so simple but really gave me a push in the right direction and a sense of “wow, I CAN DRAW ANYTHING if I want to,” which is an amazing mindset to have as an artist just starting out! The feeling that book title gave me was so invaluable, and something that I still remind myself of to this day.*w*

You are like, an overflowing wellspring of constant joy. How did you get to be this way? What steps did you take?

   I’ve been holding off answering this question because just… wow. How do I even answer something this flattering? I’ve tried responding to this so many times, but every time I end up erasing what I typed, so I don’t know if I can ever even come up with a proper response anymore. I don’t think I’m really anything that special, but wow, thank you so much. I’m sure that you, and everyone else for that matter, can make, as well as be, their own kind of joy in this world of ours. /)///~///(\

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